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Take a good boat, watch a good show, enjoy a good river, and have a good meal.
Qingjiang Gallery, a place for spiritual holiday


Look at the Old Town of Qingjiang and popular literature or art

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2019/01/21 15:31
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Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Spot is a national forest park, National Geological Park and National Water Conservancy Scenic spot. It covers the hot springs from Geheyan Dam to Shuibuya Salt Pool. All the scenic spots along the Qingjiang River are national 5A scenic spots.

Look at the Old Town of Qingjiang and popular literature or art

Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Spot is a national forest park, National Geological Park and National Water Conservancy Scenic spot. It covers the hot springs from Geheyan Dam to Shuibuya Salt Pool. All the scenic spots along the Qingjiang River are national 5A scenic spots.
Popular literature or art is a Tujia folk song and dance elaborately created to meet the needs of tourists in Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area. This station collects the essence of Tujia folk culture, original juice, original soup, water, good-looking, good-sounding, fun, eye-opening, delicious, happy.
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