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Take a good boat, watch a good show, enjoy a good river, and have a good meal.
Qingjiang Gallery, a place for spiritual holiday


Take a cruise on the Qingjiang River and watch the beautiful scenery of the county seat

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2019/01/21 15:30
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The thirteenth large luxury antique cruise ship has been newly built in the scenic spot. Unlike the previous cruise, the ship has a night flight function. Structurally, the night cruise ship is equipped with a "faucet" of living dragons and a colorful lighting equipment, including a hall on the first floor, a stage at the front of the hall, an LED display, and eight private rooms on the second floor. There is also a bow and stern dew platform. The interior decoration materials are all made of wood and antique. It has both luxurious and sleek urban style, and it also conforms to Changyang's Tujia folk customs, which is consistent with the romantic and warm Qingjiang landscape. The "Dragon Boat No. 1" has a hull length of 39.98 meters and a width of 8.80 meters. The passengers have a quota of 250 passengers. The dock is located in Qingjiang Ancient City. The night tour line also echoes the Qingjiang Gallery scenic line. It is divided into A and B lines. The main navigation line is in the county seat. The nearby waters are available for entertainment and entertainment.

Take a cruise on the Qingjiang River and watch the beautiful scenery of the county seat

The thirteenth large luxury antique cruise ship has been newly built in the scenic spot. Unlike the previous cruise, the ship has a night flight function. Structurally, the night cruise ship is equipped with a "faucet" of living dragons and a colorful lighting equipment, including a hall on the first floor, a stage at the front of the hall, an LED display, and eight private rooms on the second floor. There is also a bow and stern dew platform. The interior decoration materials are all made of wood and antique. It has both luxurious and sleek urban style, and it also conforms to Changyang's Tujia folk customs, which is consistent with the romantic and warm Qingjiang landscape. The "Dragon Boat No. 1" has a hull length of 39.98 meters and a width of 8.80 meters. The passengers have a quota of 250 passengers. The dock is located in Qingjiang Ancient City. The night tour line also echoes the Qingjiang Gallery scenic line. It is divided into A and B lines. The main navigation line is in the county seat. The nearby waters are available for entertainment and entertainment.

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