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Changyang Folk Culture Village

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2019/01/21 15:29
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Folk Culture Village is located in Guanyin Pavilion, Changyang County. All the dramas here are performed by Tujia peasants. All the songs and dances are original, the original soup raw water, the national sports gym dance Bashan dance, is the leader of the folk culture village. The folk songs, Nanqu and Bashan dance are three treasures of Changyang.

Changyang Folk Culture Village

Folk Culture Village is located in Guanyin Pavilion, Changyang County. All the dramas here are performed by Tujia peasants. All the songs and dances are original, the original soup raw water, the national sports gym dance Bashan dance, is the leader of the folk culture village. The folk songs, Nanqu and Bashan dance are three treasures of Changyang.

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