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Qingjiang Gallery, a place for spiritual holiday


Visit the ancient city of Qingjiang and watch The Kingdom and The Beauty

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2019/01/21 15:27
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Visit the ancient city of Qingjiang and watch the "Jiangshan Beauty". The county’s Qingjiang Gallery tourism comprehensive service entity Qingjiang Ancient City Project, which was invested heavily by the county, has been completed and put into use in the “Old Town” where Qingjiang Xiushui’s arms are in the arms. The first soil that was invested over 13 million yuan and lasted two years The family creation poetry and dance drama "Jiangshan Beauty" was also staged in the Qinghai Ancient City Batu Culture Industrial Park. For the first time, the love story of Bawang Junjun and the saltwater goddess widely spread in the Tujia nationality area was carried out in the art form of the musical. stage.

Visit the ancient city of Qingjiang and watch The Kingdom and The Beauty

Visit the ancient city of Qingjiang and watch the "Jiangshan Beauty". The county’s Qingjiang Gallery tourism comprehensive service entity Qingjiang Ancient City Project, which was invested heavily by the county, has been completed and put into use in the “Old Town” where Qingjiang Xiushui’s arms are in the arms. The first soil that was invested over 13 million yuan and lasted two years The family creation poetry and dance drama "Jiangshan Beauty" was also staged in the Qinghai Ancient City Batu Culture Industrial Park. For the first time, the love story of Bawang Junjun and the saltwater goddess widely spread in the Tujia nationality area was carried out in the art form of the musical. stage.

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