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Take a good boat, watch a good show, enjoy a good river, and have a good meal.
Qingjiang Gallery, a place for spiritual holiday


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2019/01/21 15:26
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Beautiful scenery: Qingjiang originated from the mountain spring in the west of Hubei Province, and it was composed of more than 2,000 Guanxidong springs. The lake is blue like a jasper, the green hills are undulating, the peaks are numerous, the cliffs are hanging, the rocks are everywhere, the waterfalls are full of mountains, the islands are ups and downs, and the water is shining. In the morning and evening, the fog in the river rises, such as the Penglai Wonderland; the four seasons, the wildflowers and red leaves are dotted, such as the flower girl skirt. The Qingjiang Buddha, 280 meters high, is the world's largest natural Buddha, the Three Gorges of the Qingjiang River, leaping thousands of miles, is the most beautiful cliff in China. Under the immortal village, the mountains are like waters; in the shadows of the gorge, the peaks are like a group of Buddhists, and the clock is like a mist. Here, the 6th “Qingjiang Gallery Zhang Jian Crossing Challenge” was held consecutively, and two consecutive Junjun Cultural Tourism Festivals were held...
Beautiful scenery: Qingjiang originated from the mountain spring in the west of Hubei Province, and it was composed of more than 2,000 Guanxidong springs. The lake is blue like a jasper, the green hills are undulating, the peaks are numerous, the cliffs are hanging, the rocks are everywhere, the waterfalls are full of mountains, the islands are ups and downs, and the water is shining. In the morning and evening, the fog in the river rises, such as the Penglai Wonderland; the four seasons, the wildflowers and red leaves are dotted, such as the flower girl skirt. The Qingjiang Buddha, 280 meters high, is the world's largest natural Buddha, the Three Gorges of the Qingjiang River, leaping thousands of miles, is the most beautiful cliff in China. Under the immortal village, the mountains are like waters; in the shadows of the gorge, the peaks are like a group of Buddhists, and the clock is like a mist. Here, the 6th “Qingjiang Gallery Zhang Jian Crossing Challenge” was held consecutively, and two consecutive Junjun Cultural Tourism Festivals were held...
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