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Qingjiang expansion - a different style

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2019/01/21 15:23
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The training base of Qingjiang Development Training Co., Ltd. is located in Geheyan Power Plant of Changyang County, only 50 minutes drive from Yichang. It is currently the largest and most complete expansion training base in the province. It is the designated training base for Qingjiang Hydropower Corporation and the Three Gorges Hydropower.
The training base of Qingjiang Development Training Co., Ltd. is located in Geheyan Power Plant of Changyang County, only 50 minutes drive from Yichang. It is currently the largest and most complete expansion training base in the province. It is the designated training base for Qingjiang Hydropower Corporation and the Three Gorges Hydropower.
Qingjiang Development Training Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive training institution dedicated to national quality education, social development, enterprise management training, and knowledge and skills education. The company adheres to the tenet of transcending self, discovering potential, pursuing excellence and serving the society. It adopts new training methods such as expansion training, behavior training, sentiment exchange and situational training to stimulate individual potential, enlighten group wisdom and shape successful team. The main goal is to serve the enterprise and society wholeheartedly. With the province's first-class experiential training experts, the company has become the only international experience education association (AEE) certification body in the province.
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