Scenic address: Longzhouping Town, Changyang County, Yichang, Hubei Service Hotline:86 717-5335806

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Take a good boat, watch a good show, enjoy a good river, and have a good meal.
Qingjiang Gallery, a place for spiritual holiday


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2019/01/21 15:20
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Holy Land Tour: Tujia Fengqing Street--Reflection Gorge--Xianrenzhai--Wu Luozhong from the Mountain Scenic Area
1. Full ticket: In principle, the scenic spot is implemented in one ticket system, that is, the full fare is 158 yuan/person, including 100 yuan/person for tickets and 58 yuan/person for class tickets;
2, half-vote: 108 yuan / person (including ticket);
3. For those who hold the annual card, they only need to purchase a class ticket of 58 yuan/person;
Holy Land Tour: Tujia Fengqing Street--Reflection Gorge--Xianrenzhai--Wu Luozhong from the Mountain Scenic Area
1. Full ticket: In principle, the scenic spot is implemented in one ticket system, that is, the full fare is 158 yuan/person, including 100 yuan/person for tickets and 58 yuan/person for class tickets;
2, half-vote: 108 yuan / person (including ticket);
3. For those who hold the annual card, they only need to purchase a class ticket of 58 yuan/person;
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Wonderland Tour: Tujia Fengqing Street--Reflection Gorge--Xianrenzhai Scenic Spot
1, the full ticket of the class: the price is 100 yuan / person (including the ticket 30 yuan);
2, board boat half-ticket: the price is 65 yuan / person (including the ticket);
3, the full ticket of the charter: the price is 70 yuan / person;
4, charter half-vote: the price is 35 yuan / person.
Chartering: 1. The charterer only needs to purchase tickets, including the full ticket: 100 yuan / person, half ticket: 50 yuan / person.
The charter cost is calculated separately. There are more than 20 speedboats and antique cruise ships, ranging in price from 200 yuan to 6,000 yuan.
Watching the show: Qingjiang Ancient City "Jiangshan Beauty" large-scale Tujia song and dance performance: 180 yuan / person.
Contact address of the scenic spot: Qingjiang Gallery Tourist Terminal, Longzhouping Town, Changyang Tujia Autonomous County
Scenic phone number: 0717 - 5319721, 5335806;
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Qingjiang Gallery Ancient City Landscape Culture Tour
Eight hundred miles of Qingjiang beautiful paintings, three hundred miles of Changyang like a gallery. The Qingjiang River is a poem for petitioning. The Qingjiang River is a fascinating painting. It is known as the "Rhine River of the East" and is known as the "dreamland of the sound of the sound of the pulp". The more famous attractions in Changyang include: Wuluojing Mountain, Bawang Cave, Geheyan, inverted Shadow Gorge, Yanchi Hot Spring and so on. Here, the scenery is beautiful and the Tujia culture is full of flavor. There are poems to prove: "The peaks of the mountains are long and foggy, and the bay is surrounded by the waters of the mountains; the villagers are welcoming the guests, and the drunken cloves are not thought." Qingjiang was praised by the former Premier of the State Council, Zhu Rongji, as "the water quality of the Qingjiang River is rare!" Here, you can not only love the mountains and rivers, but also enjoy the authentic Tujia songs and dances, and taste the authentic Tujia dishes. A Tujia famous song and dance that can't be seen; a Tujia authentic banquet that can't be tasted; The sweet dream of the hanging corner building; a Tujia culture tribe that cannot be appreciated.
Itinerary introduction:
D1: Depart from the hotel after breakfast, arrive at Changyang County for lunch at noon. In the afternoon, you can visit Pengqiutan Memorial Hall, Ba People Culture Museum, Guanyin Temple, Qingjiang Kistler Street and Qingjiang Ancient City. At 17:00 in the afternoon or after dinner, watch the performances of the famous folk songs and dances "Linba People" or "Jiangshan Beauty".
D2: Depart from the hotel at 8:00 after breakfast, about 20 minutes drive to the Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area of ​​the national AAAAA level scenic spot, and the Guanheyan Power Station project along the way. Stepping on the wind and rain bridge of the Tujia, crossing the four-year-old Ba people time and space tunnel. Take a 9:30 boat trip on a luxury cruise to the Qingjiang Gallery, and watch the scenery of the gorge, and enjoy the world's first ecological Buddha - Qingjiang Buddha, Peacock Kaiping Mountain, camel drinking water, Qingjiang Baidao Lake scenery. The boat arrives at the Xianrenzhai Scenic Area, the Xianren Cave, the Mermaid, and the Xianren Spring. At around 12:00, he arrived at the birthplace of Ba culture - Wuluozhong went to the mountain to enter Chinese food. After the Chinese meal, he visited Wuluozhongli Mountain and Baihuting to see the scenery of Qingjiang River. Deji Pavilion listened to the touching story of Deji Niangniang to raise the children of Tujia. By worshiping the ancestors in the Spirit of Heaven, Shishentai touches the god stone to bring you good luck. At 16:00, you will return to the Qingjiang Tourist Gallery tourist terminal by boat to end the pleasant journey.
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"Dragon Boat No. 1" Qingjiang Night View Tour: Qingjiang Ancient City--Guanying Pavilion--Changyang New City
The "Dragon Boat No. 1" has a hull length of 39.98 meters, a width of 8.80 meters, and a passenger quota of 250 people. The dock is located in Qingjiang Ancient City, which can be used for tourists to entertain and entertain, and can also be used for small conference reception. The "Dragon Boat No. 1" Qingjiang Night Cruise has been upgraded on the basis of the luxurious antique cruise ship before the Qingjiang Gallery. It includes colorful lighting equipment, including the first floor lobby, the second floor of eight large and small boxes, and the bow and stern viewing platform. Spiral staircase, wooden interior decoration, antique. The boat includes the “four teas” and “alcoholic” experience projects, which can experience the unique folk customs of the Tujia while enjoying the Qingjiang River at night. The same night, because the night tour of Qingjiang makes the night scene no longer lonely, the breeze is coming, the water is shining, the laughter is connected with the unforgettable moment, and the soul is also lingering between the Lingshan Xiushui;
Boat location: Qingjiang Ancient City Pier, Changyang County (under Qingjiang Bridge)
Working hours: 19:30
Tour route: Qingjiang Ancient City - Changyang Square - Guanyin Pavilion - Mingfeng Tower - Changyang New City (about one hour of play time)
Cruise price: 68 yuan / person
Tel: 0717 - 5319608
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