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Qingjiang Gallery, a place for spiritual holiday


Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area Tourism Guide

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2019/01/21 15:06
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1. After the tourists arrive at the Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Spot Visitor Reception Center Ecological Parking Lot, they will go through the relevant ticketing (tickets, tickets) at the ticketing hall, and then take a cruise to the Qingjiang River at the tourist terminal. (The Changyang Long-distance Bus Station has a tourist bus from Changyang to the scenic area. There are “Qingjiang Gallery” words.)
Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area Tourism Guide
1. After the tourists arrive at the Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Spot Visitor Reception Center Ecological Parking Lot, they will go through the relevant ticketing (tickets, tickets) at the ticketing hall, and then take a cruise to the Qingjiang River at the tourist terminal. (The Changyang Long-distance Bus Station has a tourist bus from Changyang to the scenic area. There are “Qingjiang Gallery” words.)
2. The scenic spot is divided into two boutique lines, A and B.
Line A: Visitor Center - Tujia Fengqing Street - Reflection Shadow Gorge - Xianren Village - Wuluo Zhongli Mountain
Line B: Visitor Center - Tujia Fengqing Street - Reflection Shadow Gorge - Xianrenzhai
The main tourist attractions in the scenic spot: the inverted shadow gorge, the Xianrenzhai, and the Wuluozhongli Mountain (see the Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Spot for details). Scenic tour sequence: Changyang County - Tourist Reception Center - Entrance to the scenic gatehouse - Wind and rain corridor - Time and space tunnel - Drum Hall - Tujia Fengqing Street - Tourist Pier - Take the boat to the reflection gorge - Return to the immortal Zhai - go to the core attraction Wuluozhong to leave the mountain - return to the tourist pier. Qingjiang Gallery is currently a day trip, and the entire game process takes about five hours. If you stay in Changyang at night, you can take a scenic tour of the Qingjiang River in the scenic spot of the Dragon Boat in the Qingjiang Ancient City.
3. Shopping: There is a large-scale cheap supermarket next to the ticketing hall of the tourist reception center in the scenic spot. The daily necessities in the supermarket, Changyang native products and other items are complete, the price is favorable, and the service is thoughtful.
4, scenic spot ticket price; A line adult ticket price 158 yuan / person (including ticket), B line adult fare 100 yuan / person (including ticket)
5. The time of the scenic class boat:
1. During the tourist season (March 1 - October 30), the daily travel time to the A-line attractions is: 9:30, 10:30, 11:30, 13:30, daily The tour boat to the B-line attractions will be available from 9:30 to 15:30 (once per hour); on weekends or holidays, it will be dispatched in advance according to the tourist situation and will be rolled out.
2. During the off-season period (November 1st - February 29th of the following year), the daily travel time to the A-line attractions is: 10:00, 11:00, 13:00.
Changyang County Station to Qingjiang Gallery Tourist Bus: Every day at 09:00, 10:20, and 12:30 at noon.
6, tour instructions
(1) Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Spot is a one-vote system, and tickets for 158 yuan/person-large tickets already include tickets for various attractions;
(2) In order to protect your safety, please purchase tickets through the formal channels in the scenic spot, and do not take the surrounding “three no” ships into the scenic spot;
(3) Visitors should consciously abide by the order of the tour;
(4) When encountering wild macaques in Xianrenzhai and Wuluozhong from the mountains, do not play and play with the macaques at close range to prevent being bitten;
(5) In case of bad weather such as rainy days and thunderous days, pay attention to anti-skid and obey the instructions of the staff;
(6) Do not fight and fight, do not gather people to make trouble, do not engage in feudal superstition and pornography services, do not gamble, do not carry dangerous goods and animals into the scenic spot;
(7) During the peak period of passenger flow, it is not allowed to be crowded. When boarding the ship, it is necessary to board the ship in order to prevent it from falling into the water;
(8) For the protection of cultural relics, it is strictly forbidden to sculpt trees, places of interest and public facilities, and it is strictly forbidden to climb buildings such as trees in the mountains and railings on ships.
7. Frequently used telephone enquiries in scenic spots:
Office: 0717 - 5319721
Marketing Center: 0717-5335806
Cruise schedule: 0717-5441262
Dragon Boat No. 1 Night Cruise: 0717-5319608
The specific address of the scenic spot: Qingjiang Gallery Tourist Terminal, Longzhouping Town, Changyang Tujia Autonomous County, Yichang City, Hubei Province
Zip code: 443500
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