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Qingjiang Gallery, a place for spiritual holiday


Lingyue Hotel

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2019/01/21 14:51
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Changyang Yueyue Hotel is located at No. 5, Culture Street, Qingjiang Gucheng Road, Longzhouping Town, Changyang County. It is located in the Qingjiang Gallery of the Western Hubei Eco-Cultural Tourism Circle and the National 5A-level Tourist Scenic Spot. The scenery is beautiful and the transportation is convenient. The hotel has a business area of 4,500 square meters and is mainly engaged in catering, accommodation, chess and conferences. The hotel is luxurious and elegant with complete facilities. The rooms are equipped with suites, standard single rooms, 45 single rooms, and offer free fiber optic internet access, digital internet TV, long distance and local calls. The hotel has 11 luxury private rooms and 1 multi-functional banquet hall, which can accommodate various banquets and tourist meals. The multi-functional meeting room can hold meetings for 20-100 people and can be arranged according to the different requirements of the guests.
Changyang Yueyue Hotel is located at No. 5, Culture Street, Qingjiang Gucheng Road, Longzhouping Town, Changyang County. It is located in the Qingjiang Gallery of the Western Hubei Eco-Cultural Tourism Circle and the National 5A-level Tourist Scenic Spot. The scenery is beautiful and the transportation is convenient. The hotel has a business area of 4,500 square meters and is mainly engaged in catering, accommodation, chess and conferences. The hotel is luxurious and elegant with complete facilities. The rooms are equipped with suites, standard single rooms, 45 single rooms, and offer free fiber optic internet access, digital internet TV, long distance and local calls. The hotel has 11 luxury private rooms and 1 multi-functional banquet hall, which can accommodate various banquets and tourist meals. The multi-functional meeting room can hold meetings for 20-100 people and can be arranged according to the different requirements of the guests.
Lingyue Hotel
Changyang Shijinyuan Hotel is located at No.32, Yanjiang Avenue, Longzhouping Town, Changyang Tujia Autonomous County, with a business area of more than 1,000 square meters. The shopping mall has a unique store, which is a unique way. In recent years, the food garden is like a red flag fluttering on the bank of the Qingjiang River, becoming the popular benchmark for the Changyang catering industry.
The hotel takes "all staff from the details, serious study and continuous improvement, your advice and help will be our driving force" for the purpose of serving, creating a warm, safe and comfortable environment, creating satisfactory services for guests, and Through continuous improvement and continuous learning, we strive to grow, return customers and give back to the society.
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