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Qingjiang Garden Hotel (three stars)

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2019/01/21 14:46
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Hubei Changyang Qingjiang Garden Hotel is a three-star tourist hotel in Yuanlin style. The only high-star hotel in Changyang County is located in the magical “Pakren Hometown”, the beautiful Qingjiang River and the center of Changyang County. The hotel is ideal for Chinese and foreign guests' business meetings and vacations.
Hubei Changyang Qingjiang Garden Hotel is a three-star tourist hotel in Yuanlin style. The only high-star hotel in Changyang County is located in the magical “Pakren Hometown”, the beautiful Qingjiang River and the center of Changyang County. The hotel is ideal for Chinese and foreign guests' business meetings and vacations.
Qingjiang Garden Hotel (three stars)
The hotel has more than 120 rooms, including presidential suites, deluxe suites, junior suites, deluxe standard rooms, common standard rooms and single rooms. The rooms are fully equipped, functional and elegant, to meet the needs of all types of guests.
Qingjiang Garden Hotel (three stars)
The hotel restaurant is compatible with Chinese and Western restaurants. It has more than 20 private rooms, 350 large-sized Chinese restaurants, small banquet halls and elegant western restaurants. It can provide authentic “Tujia traditional dishes” and famous dishes of Sichuan, Hunan and Guangdong. Let the guests of the eight parties have a good time and linger.
Qingjiang Garden Hotel (three stars)
The hotel has Changyang's first-class conference facilities. The luxurious conference room can accommodate 60 people at the same time. The large conference room can accommodate 150 people at the same time. The conference service is thoughtful, meticulous and professional. At the same time, the hotel also has a large parking lot and a high-class chess room, recreational facilities.
Qingjiang Garden Hotel (three stars)
Eight hundred miles of Qingjiang picturesque, Qingjiang Garden is your home. All staff of Changyang Qingjiang Garden Hotel sincerely look forward to your visit and patronage, will give you the supreme enjoyment with enthusiasm and quality service.
Qingjiang Garden Hotel (three stars)
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