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Qingjiang Ancient City Hotel

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2019/01/21 14:38
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You enter the mysterious legendary Ba people's hometown - Changyang, an ancient city with a unique ancient village flavor, ancient primitive ecological culture and modern civilization, which is the Qinghai ancient city Batu cultural industrial park.
Qingjiang Ancient City Hotel, invested by more than 40 million yuan by Qingjiang Ancient City Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd., is located in the middle of the industrial park. It is the landmark building of Qingjiang Ancient City. The hotel design is unique and the building's appearance is simple and atmospheric, showing the baux.
The Chinese red pillars in the lobby echo the silver-pink walls, reflecting the perfect combination of classic and modern décor.
You enter the mysterious legendary Ba people's hometown - Changyang, an ancient city with a unique ancient village flavor, ancient primitive ecological culture and modern civilization, which is the Qinghai ancient city Batu cultural industrial park.
Qingjiang Ancient City Hotel, invested by more than 40 million yuan by Qingjiang Ancient City Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd., is located in the middle of the industrial park. It is the landmark building of Qingjiang Ancient City. The hotel design is unique and the building's appearance is simple and atmospheric, showing the baux.
The Chinese red pillars in the lobby echo the silver-pink walls, reflecting the perfect combination of classic and modern décor.
Qingjiang Ancient City Hotel
The restaurant is located on the first to second floors of the hotel. The spacious and beautiful banquet hall can accommodate up to 600 people and is the preferred venue for all kinds of large-scale business and wedding banquets. The elegant buffet restaurant offers delicious meals and drinks. There are 16 luxurious and elegant private rooms, all kinds of dishes are wonderful. Haizhen, game and local goods gather together to make your best business. Feast to go!
Qingjiang Ancient City Hotel

Qingjiang Ancient City Hotel
On the third to sixth floors of the hotel, there are deluxe standard rooms, business single rooms, and executive suites. The hotel can accommodate 200 people at a time. The room number and internet TV let you rest and listen, decorate, comfort and look at the window. In the middle of the Qingjiang River, guests can relax and enjoy the peace.
The hotel can provide 8 large and small meeting rooms, providing you with free conference services, audio equipment, and you can choose the venue for your needs.
Qingjiang Ancient City Hotel

Qingjiang Ancient City Hotel
All the ancient city people will take "Becoming the best hotel in Changyang" as their own responsibility, and contribute to the development and growth of Changyang Hotel Industry! Qingjiang Ancient City Hotel is waiting for you, we will be full of service enthusiasm, waiting for your presence!
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