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New Age Business Hotel

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2019/01/21 14:22
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New Times Business Hotel is located in the most prosperous prime location in the center of Changyang County, on the fourth floor of Changyang New Times Square. The only 5,000-square-meter shopping supermarket and 2,000-square-meter private garden in Changyang, a multi-functional complex integrating food, accommodation, shopping and leisure. It is adjacent to Changyang Cultural Square and long-distance bus station. Shopping and transportation are very convenient. .

New Age Business Hotel

New Times Business Hotel is located in the most prosperous prime location in the center of Changyang County, on the fourth floor of Changyang New Times Square. The only 5,000-square-meter shopping supermarket and 2,000-square-meter private garden in Changyang, a multi-functional complex integrating food, accommodation, shopping and leisure. It is adjacent to Changyang Cultural Square and long-distance bus station. Shopping and transportation are very convenient. .
New Era Business Hotel has more than 80 sets of deluxe suites, deluxe standard rooms, deluxe single rooms and common standard rooms. The rooms are elegantly decorated and equipped. Provide guests with room long distance, free local calls, free broadband internet. It is the ideal home for your conference, team, business, business and self-help travel.
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