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Tujia mold tofu

Delicious food
2019/01/21 14:07
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Tujia people in Tujia cottage, like winter and spring, like to eat moldy tofu. Because the moldy tofu made in this season is easy to preserve, does not degenerate. The practice is: the tofu should be old, compacted, cut, not broken, then cut the tofu into 2 cm square small shovel, and then evenly put the tofu into the wooden bucket Put a layer of tofu after putting a layer of grass, and cover the upper layer with quilts or clothing. After the tofu grows long white mold, take out the salt, chili powder, spiced, pepper powder, and finally soak in cold water. It can be eaten after a while. If it needs to be stored for a long time, soak it with white wine or vegetable oil, so that it can be stored for two or three years.

Tujia mold tofu

Tujia people in Tujia cottage, like winter and spring, like to eat moldy tofu. Because the moldy tofu made in this season is easy to preserve, does not degenerate. The practice is: the tofu should be old, compacted, cut, not broken, then cut the tofu into 2 cm square small shovel, and then evenly put the tofu into the wooden bucket Put a layer of tofu after putting a layer of grass, and cover the upper layer with quilts or clothing. After the tofu grows long white mold, take out the salt, chili powder, spiced, pepper powder, and finally soak in cold water. It can be eaten after a while. If it needs to be stored for a long time, soak it with white wine or vegetable oil, so that it can be stored for two or three years.

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