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Gold-wrapped silver

Delicious food
2019/01/21 14:06
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"Gold-wrapped silver" is also known as "rice in the bud". The so-called "gold and silver" is actually corn noodles wrapped with white rice. "Jin Jianshi, Yin Lichuan", Jianshi produces more bracts and valleys, and Lichuan produces more rice. Therefore, the Tujia people call these two kinds of food "gold and silver". Nevertheless, don't underestimate it. In the past, when coarse grain was not enough, it was fine grain.

Gold-wrapped silver

"Gold-wrapped silver" is also known as "rice in the bud". The so-called "gold and silver" is actually corn noodles wrapped with white rice. "Jin Jianshi, Yin Lichuan", Jianshi produces more bracts and valleys, and Lichuan produces more rice. Therefore, the Tujia people call these two kinds of food "gold and silver". Nevertheless, don't underestimate it. In the past, when coarse grain was not enough, it was fine grain.
"Rice is like silver, and milled grain is like gold. The steamer of Chinese fir with blue stirrups makes cooked rice indispensable. "Gold-wrapped-silver" tastes delicious, but it is not so easy to make. Its production process is as follows: first boil the rice into half-cooked rice, then disperse the rice, mix it with the pre-grinded corn flour, then steamed together, and then pour a small amount of boiling water when the rice is fast cooked. In this way, each grain of rice has a golden layer of bract flour. When making gold-coated silver, we can add neither more nor less water. When there is too much water, gold and silver will stick together into a half-baked batter. When there is less water, it will dry up your throat.
"Gold-wrapped silver" is rich in nutrition, soft and fragrant, with bright color and transparent yellow inside. It is regarded as a "lucky meal" by Tujia people. Therefore, "gold-wrapped silver" is indispensable for both festivals and dinners.
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