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Ten bowls and eight buckles

Delicious food
2019/01/21 13:56
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The way the Changyang Tujia entertains guests is usually "pork pot" with pork or lamb, served with three or five bowls of side dishes. The major festive festival is dedicated to VIPs. The first bowl is the "head bowl", the first bowl is the "head bowl", the meat cake is covered with vermicelli and yellow flowers. This is not to cover the bowl. The last bowl is the shrimp and pork soup, and the other eight bowls are First use the cover bowl (smaller than the big bowl) to apply oil to the bowl, put the food and seasoning into it, steam on the upper grid, then reverse the large bowl and remove the lid bowl. The dish is the same and the surface is smooth. . When you come to Lai, order a bowl of bowl on top. Every time the first bowl, the person who played the big plate shouted a "big gunner" - a long mob until the front, followed by a cannon, the singer blew a cheerful "dish", the proprietor came to toast . Guests eat while serving. Taking out the second bowl, the person who beat the big dish shouted "Shun-" and "Cooked Tune" and blew again. Until the tenth bowl, after the big plate slammed "Qi-", the singer blew the "under the seat" and the guests finished eating. The seats of the guests are up and down, each size. Ten bowls of vegetables are placed on the table and there are rules, or put "four-corner gripper" or "three yuan and the first". In addition to ten bowls of vegetables, there are two pickles and saucers on the top and bottom, in order to solve the problem of hangover, which is the most grand feast in the Tujia area of ​​Changyang.

Ten bowls and eight buckles

The way the Changyang Tujia entertains guests is usually "pork pot" with pork or lamb, served with three or five bowls of side dishes. The major festive festival is dedicated to VIPs. The first bowl is the "head bowl", the first bowl is the "head bowl", the meat cake is covered with vermicelli and yellow flowers. This is not to cover the bowl. The last bowl is the shrimp and pork soup, and the other eight bowls are First use the cover bowl (smaller than the big bowl) to apply oil to the bowl, put the food and seasoning into it, steam on the upper grid, then reverse the large bowl and remove the lid bowl. The dish is the same and the surface is smooth. . When you come to Lai, order a bowl of bowl on top. Every time the first bowl, the person who played the big plate shouted a "big gunner" - a long mob until the front, followed by a cannon, the singer blew a cheerful "dish", the proprietor came to toast . Guests eat while serving. Taking out the second bowl, the person who beat the big dish shouted "Shun-" and "Cooked Tune" and blew again. Until the tenth bowl, after the big plate slammed "Qi-", the singer blew the "under the seat" and the guests finished eating. The seats of the guests are up and down, each size. Ten bowls of vegetables are placed on the table and there are rules, or put "four-corner gripper" or "three yuan and the first". In addition to ten bowls of vegetables, there are two pickles and saucers on the top and bottom, in order to solve the problem of hangover, which is the most grand feast in the Tujia area of ​​Changyang.

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