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"Gold and silver"

Delicious food
2019/01/21 13:54
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In other cases, there is the saying of "Jin Jianshi, Yin Lichuan". The reason is that the founding is rich in Shibuya, and Lichuan is rich in rice. The two kinds of foods are mixed and made into a "golden package silver", which is rich in nutrients and very delicious. Tujia people like to eat this golden dish. The method is to first grind the glutinous rice into fine powder, then cook the rice for half-boiled, filter out the rice soup, add half or one-third of the glutinous rice flour and mix well, then steam it on the simmer, and pour a small amount of boiling water before the mash. The rice made in this way has a golden layer of glutinous rice flour on the surface of each rice. It is soft and sweet, and it is loose and fragrant. If there is fresh rice at home, it can infiltrate a quarter of corn flour in the cold rice. Evenly steamed, it is a fresh gold-coated silver, the rice is more fragrant and longer. In the year of the regiment, you must eat gold and silver to show Geely.

"Gold and silver"

In other cases, there is the saying of "Jin Jianshi, Yin Lichuan". The reason is that the founding is rich in Shibuya, and Lichuan is rich in rice. The two kinds of foods are mixed and made into a "golden package silver", which is rich in nutrients and very delicious. Tujia people like to eat this golden dish. The method is to first grind the glutinous rice into fine powder, then cook the rice for half-boiled, filter out the rice soup, add half or one-third of the glutinous rice flour and mix well, then steam it on the simmer, and pour a small amount of boiling water before the mash. The rice made in this way has a golden layer of glutinous rice flour on the surface of each rice. It is soft and sweet, and it is loose and fragrant. If there is fresh rice at home, it can infiltrate a quarter of corn flour in the cold rice. Evenly steamed, it is a fresh gold-coated silver, the rice is more fragrant and longer. In the year of the regiment, you must eat gold and silver to show Geely.

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