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Lazy tofu

Delicious food
2019/01/21 13:52
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There are many mountains in Changyang, with mountains, semi-alpines and low mountains. One mountain and one mountain. These mountains have been rich in glutinous rice and soybeans since ancient times. As the saying goes: "Face rice lazy tofu, straw shoes machine cloth." Rice is the rice made by Shibuya powder. Lazy tofu is a dish made of soy milk, and the two combine to have both a meal and a full meal. The Tu family is particularly fond of it. The practice of lazy tofu is simple: soak the soybeans, grind them into stone, or pour into a pot and boil them in a pot. When the foam rises, immediately put in the vegetables and salt, the foam will dissipate, Changyang has After the sentence: "Lazy bean curd salt - bubble", the bubble can be eaten. It is interesting to say that lazy tofu is still a gift. No matter who is lazy tofu, it is always necessary to send a neighbor or a bowl to the neighbors. The neighbors will suffer. Otherwise, they will look down on people and be unfriendly. If someone hits a lazy tofu and does not send it to a neighbor, it will be called "Yu Jia (Card)". Since ancient times, Changyang Tujia people have used this simple way to exchange gifts, exchange feelings, enhance friendship, unite and help each other. For a long time, they will send lazy tofu to neighbors to form traditional customs. It is still in the majority of rural areas.

Lazy tofu

There are many mountains in Changyang, with mountains, semi-alpines and low mountains. One mountain and one mountain. These mountains have been rich in glutinous rice and soybeans since ancient times. As the saying goes: "Face rice lazy tofu, straw shoes machine cloth." Rice is the rice made by Shibuya powder. Lazy tofu is a dish made of soy milk, and the two combine to have both a meal and a full meal. The Tu family is particularly fond of it. The practice of lazy tofu is simple: soak the soybeans, grind them into stone, or pour into a pot and boil them in a pot. When the foam rises, immediately put in the vegetables and salt, the foam will dissipate, Changyang has After the sentence: "Lazy bean curd salt - bubble", the bubble can be eaten. It is interesting to say that lazy tofu is still a gift. No matter who is lazy tofu, it is always necessary to send a neighbor or a bowl to the neighbors. The neighbors will suffer. Otherwise, they will look down on people and be unfriendly. If someone hits a lazy tofu and does not send it to a neighbor, it will be called "Yu Jia (Card)". Since ancient times, Changyang Tujia people have used this simple way to exchange gifts, exchange feelings, enhance friendship, unite and help each other. For a long time, they will send lazy tofu to neighbors to form traditional customs. It is still in the majority of rural areas.

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