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Chili pepper

Delicious food
2019/01/21 13:51
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Tujia people love to eat Guangjiao (namely, pepper). According to the Qing Dynasty, there is a saying that “chili is salt”. People have no salt to eat, so they have to use pepper to eat. There are many ways to pepper vegetables, such as frying, burning, pickling, frying and grinding. Deep-fried pepper is a must-have dish for the family. It is sour and delicious. It can be both fried and soup. The method is as follows: firstly, the red pepper is finely smashed, then it is put into the glutinous rice noodles, and it is put into the fried altar, and pressed layer by layer. The surface is placed with a layer of tongma leaves, which are tied tightly and the jar is poured back. In the basin of water, after one month, it will be fried. You can dig it out at any time. Cook it or put it in the pot and cook it. Put it in oil and salt, you can eat it. You can also fry the fried rice. Add the leaves and water, and cook the rice soup. Especially for steamed meat, you should not put fried peppers, other small dishes put a little fried pepper into it, the taste is very delicious. This fried Guangjiao is in the Tujia cottage, and every household has it all year round. It is old and young, and everyone loves it.

Chili pepper

Tujia people love to eat Guangjiao (namely, pepper). According to the Qing Dynasty, there is a saying that “chili is salt”. People have no salt to eat, so they have to use pepper to eat. There are many ways to pepper vegetables, such as frying, burning, pickling, frying and grinding. Deep-fried pepper is a must-have dish for the family. It is sour and delicious. It can be both fried and soup. The method is as follows: firstly, the red pepper is finely smashed, then it is put into the glutinous rice noodles, and it is put into the fried altar, and pressed layer by layer. The surface is placed with a layer of tongma leaves, which are tied tightly and the jar is poured back. In the basin of water, after one month, it will be fried. You can dig it out at any time. Cook it or put it in the pot and cook it. Put it in oil and salt, you can eat it. You can also fry the fried rice. Add the leaves and water, and cook the rice soup. Especially for steamed meat, you should not put fried peppers, other small dishes put a little fried pepper into it, the taste is very delicious. This fried Guangjiao is in the Tujia cottage, and every household has it all year round. It is old and young, and everyone loves it.

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