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Eat steamed meat, pork blood

Delicious food
2019/01/21 13:50
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In the Tujia area, when every household hunts for the New Year, they invite guests to eat steamed meat and gourds. When the pig is blood, kill the pig, put the pepper noodle, pepper, salt and other condiments in the wooden bowl, and then pour the pig blood into the pot and mix well. When the blood is coagulated, cut it into large pieces with a knife and cook it in a pot. When eating, they are cut into small pieces and stir-fried with onions, garlic and other condiments. Place a bowl on each table, and enlarge the "lifting grid" in the middle, that is, cut fresh meat into large pieces, mix them with braised grain noodles and fried pepper, pepper powder, etc. The lattice is lined with a small amount of braised grain noodles of old pumpkin and shredded radish, and then put a large piece of pork on top, steamed with firewood. Each table is one square, the host and guest eat together, pork and pork blood are fresh, known as "blood*eating*chili". Children under the age of twelve avoid eating gourds. Legend has it that they have poor memory and can't read.

Eat steamed meat, pork blood

In the Tujia area, when every household hunts for the New Year, they invite guests to eat steamed meat and gourds. When the pig is blood, kill the pig, put the pepper noodle, pepper, salt and other condiments in the wooden bowl, and then pour the pig blood into the pot and mix well. When the blood is coagulated, cut it into large pieces with a knife and cook it in a pot. When eating, they are cut into small pieces and stir-fried with onions, garlic and other condiments. Place a bowl on each table, and enlarge the "lifting grid" in the middle, that is, cut fresh meat into large pieces, mix them with braised grain noodles and fried pepper, pepper powder, etc. The lattice is lined with a small amount of braised grain noodles of old pumpkin and shredded radish, and then put a large piece of pork on top, steamed with firewood. Each table is one square, the host and guest eat together, pork and pork blood are fresh, known as "eating pork blood" Children under the age of twelve avoid eating gourds. Legend has it that they have poor memory and can't read.

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