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Eat lamb with even skin

Delicious food
2019/01/21 11:56
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Eating Lianpi mutton is the traditional dietary custom of Tujia people in Western Hubei. Sheepskin can be sold for money. Changyang's goat skin is well-known at home and abroad. But in the past, people here did not want to cut the skin when eating mutton. When killing sheep, they just blanched the wool with boiling water, and the skin remained on the meat. When eating, they put the skin in the fire and burned it a little, then washed it, cut it into small pieces and cooked it in a pot. This skinned mutton needs chili peel in particular. It's not good to leave less pepper. As the saying goes, "mutton tofu, beef radish." This kind of tofu with skin and mutton has a very long taste. The more boiled the tofu, the more loose the tofu is, the more delicious it is.

Eat lamb with even skin

Eating Lianpi mutton is the traditional dietary custom of Tujia people in Western Hubei. Sheepskin can be sold for money. Changyang's goat skin is well-known at home and abroad. But in the past, people here did not want to cut the skin when eating mutton. When killing sheep, they just blanched the wool with boiling water, and the skin remained on the meat. When eating, they put the skin in the fire and burned it a little, then washed it, cut it into small pieces and cooked it in a pot. This skinned mutton needs chili peel in particular. It's not good to leave less pepper. As the saying goes, "mutton tofu, beef radish." This kind of tofu with skin and mutton has a very long taste. The more boiled the tofu, the more loose the tofu is, the more delicious it is.

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