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Smoked Pork Drum

Delicious food
2019/01/21 11:55
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There are many kinds of bean drums, but the rare bean drums in Tujia area of Western Hubei have different flavor. Before his death, Mr. Huang Xiang, an 80-year-old photographer, wrote to relatives and friends in Changyang that he wanted to eat smoked bean drums in his hometown. In the past, every household in Changyang Prefecture always had to make a pot of smoked sparse bean drum in winter and December. It was authentic household goods until April and May of the second year. Although the bean drum is simple and delicious, it is a side dish and cannot be served according to the traditional rules. Its practice is: wash soybeans, boil them until they are ripe, filter dry water, steamed in steamer, then pour them into pots or dumplings, mix salt, orange peel, chili powder, and then put them in baskets with Tung and hemp leaves, hang them in fires or stoves, make them smoke and fire until silk is produced on fermentation, then pour them out to dry, put them in jars, and add the water filtered out from the original boiled soybeans. Star anise, cinnamon, ginger and other seasonings boiled soup, soak for three or five days. This kind of smoked bean drum, with its bright color, delicious taste and long storage time, is a good side dish for homely meals.

Smoked Pork Drum

There are many kinds of bean drums, but the rare bean drums in Tujia area of Western Hubei have different flavor. Before his death, Mr. Huang Xiang, an 80-year-old photographer, wrote to relatives and friends in Changyang that he wanted to eat smoked bean drums in his hometown. In the past, every household in Changyang Prefecture always had to make a pot of smoked sparse bean drum in winter and December. It was authentic household goods until April and May of the second year. Although the bean drum is simple and delicious, it is a side dish and cannot be served according to the traditional rules. Its practice is: wash soybeans, boil them until they are ripe, filter dry water, steamed in steamer, then pour them into pots or dumplings, mix salt, orange peel, chili powder, and then put them in baskets with Tung and hemp leaves, hang them in fires or stoves, make them smoke and fire until silk is produced on fermentation, then pour them out to dry, put them in jars, and add the water filtered out from the original boiled soybeans. Star anise, cinnamon, ginger and other seasonings boiled soup, soak for three or five days. This kind of smoked bean drum, with its bright color, delicious taste and long storage time, is a good side dish for homely meals.

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