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Chicken boiled chestnut

Delicious food
2019/01/21 11:54
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In Tujia Mountain Village, there are a lot of wild things, and the game is more fragrant. Shanzhen boiled rice millet is one of them. As the saying goes, "Chicken, pheasant soup, one meal for three days", boiled chicken millet, can make chicken tenderer, chicken soup more delicious. At the same time, the millet was eating something that would be breathing in the stomach, but cooked with the pheasant, but it got rid of the disadvantage of breathing. Therefore, this dietary custom has been circulating for a long time in Western Hubei and has been followed up to now.

Chicken boiled chestnut

In Tujia Mountain Village, there are a lot of wild things, and the game is more fragrant. Shanzhen boiled rice millet is one of them. As the saying goes, "Chicken, pheasant soup, one meal for three days", boiled chicken millet, can make chicken tenderer, chicken soup more delicious. At the same time, the millet was eating something that would be breathing in the stomach, but cooked with the pheasant, but it got rid of the disadvantage of breathing. Therefore, this dietary custom has been circulating for a long time in Western Hubei and has been followed up to now.

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