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Dried persimmon

Delicious food
2019/01/21 11:53
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"No baking cake, no sesame cake, no persimmon sweet." These are two ballads spread along the Qingjiang River. In late autumn, Tujia mountain village, along the autumn hill, red leaves, a string of golden-red persimmons hanging on the full-branch persimmon tree, particularly eye-catching. However, the persimmon is not fully mature, astringent and can not be eaten. At this time, the persimmon will be picked and made into persimmon cake, but sweet and sweet, digestion. The method of persimmon cake is: peel the persimmon, put it on the fold of the bamboo strip to expose it to the sun and night (not to rain). When the surface of persimmon dries up, press it one by one into a cake shape, then put it on the fold of the bamboo strip to expose it to the sun and night. After about seven to ten days, press it again, then the astringency has disappeared, and then put it into the vat, let it go on its own after a layer of white sugar frost, and then use ten as a canister. The brown leaves are ready to be tied. Home guests, walnut, chestnut and persimmon cake, warm hospitality. This kind of persimmon cake is sweet and delicious, soft but not sparse, rich in nutrition, suitable for young and old, and is also a very good gift.

Dried persimmon

"No baking cake, no sesame cake, no persimmon sweet." These are two ballads spread along the Qingjiang River. In late autumn, Tujia mountain village, along the autumn hill, red leaves, a string of golden-red persimmons hanging on the full-branch persimmon tree, particularly eye-catching. However, the persimmon is not fully mature, astringent and can not be eaten. At this time, the persimmon will be picked and made into persimmon cake, but sweet and sweet, digestion. The method of persimmon cake is: peel the persimmon, put it on the fold of the bamboo strip to expose it to the sun and night (not to rain). When the surface of persimmon dries up, press it one by one into a cake shape, then put it on the fold of the bamboo strip to expose it to the sun and night. After about seven to ten days, press it again, then the astringency has disappeared, and then put it into the vat, let it go on its own after a layer of white sugar frost, and then use ten as a canister. The brown leaves are ready to be tied. Home guests, walnut, chestnut and persimmon cake, warm hospitality. This kind of persimmon cake is sweet and delicious, soft but not sparse, rich in nutrition, suitable for young and old, and is also a very good gift.

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