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Candy and Yagu Slices

Delicious food
2019/01/21 11:52
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Tujia people along the Qingjiang River boil sugar with corn and malt. When it is not cold, they pull the sugar together repeatedly, called "pulling sugar", which is white and loose. When it is cold, it breaks up and can be broken into small pieces. This sugar is called "pulling sugar". Sweet foods can be made from beating sugar. Sweets are made from corn bubbles. It's called sugar tablet, which is kneaded with Yakumi rice bubbles. The method is to stir-fry corn or Yagu into rice bubbles, then dilute the beating sugar and combine them together to form a large or small garden. (Yagu slices must be cut into thin slices with a knife). It is sweet and crisp, fragrant, and used to be a popular snack for Tujia villagers. Nowadays, although there are many kinds of candy food, the traditional food of candy is still indispensable in Tujia area during the festival.


Tujia people along the Qingjiang River boil sugar with corn and malt. When it is not cold, they pull the sugar together repeatedly, called "pulling sugar", which is white and loose. When it is cold, it breaks up and can be broken into small pieces. This sugar is called "pulling sugar". Sweet foods can be made from beating sugar. Sweets are made from corn bubbles. It's called sugar tablet, which is kneaded with Yakumi rice bubbles. The method is to stir-fry corn or Yagu into rice bubbles, then dilute the beating sugar and combine them together to form a large or small garden. (Yagu slices must be cut into thin slices with a knife). It is sweet and crisp, fragrant, and used to be a popular snack for Tujia villagers. Nowadays, although there are many kinds of candy food, the traditional food of candy is still indispensable in Tujia area during the festival.

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