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Sip wine

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2019/01/21 11:45
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Tujia people like drinking. First, strong liquor, brewed from bracts and daqu, has a high alcohol concentration and burns when ignited. Pour into the bowl, not only the bowl, but also sparkling flowers, known as "heap flowers wine". Low-alcohol wines are made from glutinous rice and starter, called "Fu Ju". Take its juice and put it into the jar for display. It can be used for drinking. In the Qing Dynasty, Peng Gan's Zhuzhi Ciyun said, "Man wine makes a fragrant fragrance, bamboo pole is better than pot, pork lotus bowl crosses bridge, the grandmother opens the altar to advise guests to taste it." Eat wine, first insert a bamboo tube into the jar, and then the guests take turns to drink with the bamboo tube, do not dislike each other, and drink while pouring boiling water into the jar. Alcohol can be intoxicating even though it is low, if it is put on display for a long time. This custom of drinking used to prevail in Changyang.

Sip wine

Tujia people like drinking. First, strong liquor, brewed from bracts and daqu, has a high alcohol concentration and burns when ignited. Pour into the bowl, not only the bowl, but also sparkling flowers, known as "heap flowers wine". Low-alcohol wines are made from glutinous rice and starter, called "Fu Ju". Take its juice and put it into the jar for display. It can be used for drinking. In the Qing Dynasty, Peng Gan's Zhuzhi Ciyun said, "Man wine makes a fragrant fragrance, bamboo pole is better than pot, pork lotus bowl crosses bridge, the grandmother opens the altar to advise guests to taste it." Eat wine, first insert a bamboo tube into the jar, and then the guests take turns to drink with the bamboo tube, do not dislike each other, and drink while pouring boiling water into the jar. Alcohol can be intoxicating even though it is low, if it is put on display for a long time. This custom of drinking used to prevail in Changyang.

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