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Baked tea

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2019/01/21 11:44
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The Tujia people in Changyang are very hospitable. Everyone from other places, whether they know each other or not, "sift tea and pack cigarettes" and treat them with courtesy. The guests come to burn the tea, instead of burning it in a pot and soaking it in a pot. Instead, they use small pottery that can only contain one or two cups of water, and put them into fine tea and ten rice. After that, slowly cook the kettle and paste on the fire, pour a little boiling water, and wait for the bubbles to roll out, and pour a little boiling water until the pot is full. Then a few guests set up a few cups and divide a small pot of strong tea into equal cups. Inside, immediately pour boiled water into the cup, cook for a while and divide it into cups repeatedly until the cup is full. Therefore, a small toaster can can can accommodate more than ten guests. This kind of roasted pot tea tastes very fragrant. After drinking it, there will be a bitter taste in the throat, which is very comfortable. However, people who can't drink strong tea may make you drunk. If you can't drink strong tea, you can pour the strong tea back into the small pot and drink boiled water. But the taboo is to spill it on the ground. One is to think that it stains the God of tea, and the other is to show disrespect to the owner.

Baked tea

The Tujia people in Changyang are very hospitable. Everyone from other places, whether they know each other or not, "sift tea and pack cigarettes" and treat them with courtesy. The guests come to burn the tea, instead of burning it in a pot and soaking it in a pot. Instead, they use small pottery that can only contain one or two cups of water, and put them into fine tea and ten rice. After that, slowly cook the kettle and paste on the fire, pour a little boiling water, and wait for the bubbles to roll out, and pour a little boiling water until the pot is full. Then a few guests set up a few cups and divide a small pot of strong tea into equal cups. Inside, immediately pour boiled water into the cup, cook for a while and divide it into cups repeatedly until the cup is full. Therefore, a small toaster can can can accommodate more than ten guests. This kind of roasted pot tea tastes very fragrant. After drinking it, there will be a bitter taste in the throat, which is very comfortable. However, people who can't drink strong tea may make you drunk. If you can't drink strong tea, you can pour the strong tea back into the small pot and drink boiled water. But the taboo is to spill it on the ground. One is to think that it stains the God of tea, and the other is to show disrespect to the owner.

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