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Emergency Rescue Exercise for Abandoned Ships in Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area

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2014/05/07 11:31
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Jingchu Net News (Correspondent Zhou Jimin) On April 29, the abandoned ship rescue exercise organized by Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area of Hubei Province and Changyang Local Maritime Bureau was held in Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area. Zhai Jiugang, Deputy Director of Maritime Administration of the People's Republic of China, attended and watched the exercise.
Emergency Rescue Exercise for Abandoned Ships in Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area
Exercise scene
Jingchu Net News (Correspondent Zhou Jimin) On April 29, the abandoned ship rescue exercise organized by Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area of Hubei Province and Changyang Local Maritime Bureau was held in Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area. Zhai Jiugang, Deputy Director of Maritime Administration of the People's Republic of China, attended and watched the exercise.
This exercise simulated the cruise ship "Qingjiang Gallery One" hit a reef during the voyage, the hull was damaged, the cabin was flooded, causing six passengers to fall into the water. After receiving the alarm, the company immediately coordinated the rescue forces and dispatched two speedboats of "Longhang Qingjiang 2", "Longhang Qingjiang 3" and three high-speed cruise ships such as "Zhangjianhengdu" to rescue. After the rescue ship successfully approached the accident ship, the captain of "Qingjiang Gallery 1" decided to abandon the ship after preliminary judgment of the scene situation. Successfully transferred 94 tourists, rescued 6 falling tourists, and guaranteed the safety of tourists and crew.
Emergency Rescue Exercise for Abandoned Ships in Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area
Qingjiang Gallery Cruise
The drill is a special emergency rescue drill based on the lessons learned from the sinking accident of the South Korean passenger ship "Years". Through the exercises, the paper examines whether the captains of cruise ships and related sailors and sailors in Qingjiang Gallery can conscientiously implement the emergency search and rescue mechanism and plan for water safety, and implement the emergency response action for water emergencies quickly, orderly and efficiently.
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