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Qingjiang Gallery successfully conducted a comprehensive emergency rescue drill

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2014/05/07 11:30
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At 9:00 a.m. on June 22, on the broad surface of the beautiful Qingjiang Gallery, the sailing cruise ship No. 2 of the Qingjiang Gallery suddenly caught fire. It was a false alarm when more than 40 tourists on board were transferred to another ship in an uncertain way. Originally, the "2011 Qingjiang Gallery Comprehensive Emergency Rescue Exercise" is under way here. The drill is sponsored by County Anbian Office, County Tourism Bureau and County Transport Bureau, and undertaken by County Local Maritime Department and Hubei Qingjiang Gallery Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Mao Xinghua
Qingjiang Gallery successfully conducted a comprehensive emergency rescue drill
Exercise scene
At 9:00 a.m. on June 22, on the broad surface of the beautiful Qingjiang Gallery, the sailing cruise ship No. 2 of the Qingjiang Gallery suddenly caught fire. It was a false alarm when more than 40 tourists on board were transferred to another ship in an uncertain way. Originally, the "2011 Qingjiang Gallery Comprehensive Emergency Rescue Exercise" is under way here. The drill is sponsored by County Anbian Office, County Tourism Bureau and County Transport Bureau, and undertaken by County Local Maritime Department and Hubei Qingjiang Gallery Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Mao Xinghua, Deputy Director of the Office of the County People's Government and General Manager of Qingjiang Gallery Tourism Development Co., Ltd., served as the on-site commander. Liu Jinfeng, Vice-County Governor of the Tujia Autonomous County Government of Changyang, Lin Ning, Director of the County Safety Supervision Bureau and other units, such as the County Emergency Response Office, the County Tourism Bureau, the Transport Bureau, the Security Supervision Bureau, the County Maritime Department, the Fifth Squadron of the County Armed Police and the Fire Brigade 。 Eight ships, one ambulance and 80 participants participated in the drill.
This emergency rescue drill has completed three items: the first one is the fire drill of cruise ships; the second one is the life rescue of the inundated tourists; the third one is the summary and analysis meeting of the comprehensive emergency rescue drill of Qingjiang Gallery in 2011 held in the conference room of Qingjiang Gallery Company. The leaders and units involved in the drill pointed out the advantages and disadvantages of the exercise. Liu Jinmian, deputy county governor, expressed his gratitude on behalf of the county Party committee and the county government for the hard work of all the participants in the drill. He said that the responsibility for safety production is more important than Mount Tai. The first aspect of the drill is that the main contractor has a strong sense of responsibility for tourism safety work. It embodies the good safety consciousness of tourists'life supremacy and caring for the safety of tourists' life and property. Second, the procedure is rigorous, the command is appropriate, and the effect is very good. It has strong guidance for practical work. He hoped that the responsible bodies would further strengthen their responsibility for safety production, refine safety measures and ensure the safety of tourism.
After the drill, Xiong Jun, the deputy general manager of Qingjiang Gallery Company, and other managers interviewed the county television station. They all claimed that they were satisfied with the results of the activity. By organizing the event, the organization, coordination and command level of Qingjiang Gallery Company in dealing with water emergencies were tested and improved, and the actual combat experience in life rescue and fire protection was accumulated.
(Contributions from Zhong Qinghua and Zhou Jimin, Changyang Tourism Bureau)
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