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Changyang Established the First Women Militia in Scenic Spots of Hubei Province

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2014/05/06 11:27
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Tujia sisters can not only sing and dance as a tour guide, but also "shoot the gun" as a militia. On April 28, in the Qingjiang Gallery of the National 5A Scenic Area in Changyang Tujia Autonomous County, 23 female soldiers dressed in militia style costumes raised their right arm solemnly swearing to "obey the leadership of the Communist Party of China, actively participate in national construction, and faithfully fulfill their national defense obligations... ...", attracting the footsteps of tourists, taking pictures of cameras and mobile phones.
Tujia sisters can not only sing and dance as a tour guide, but also "shoot the gun" as a militia. On April 28, in the Qingjiang Gallery of the National 5A Scenic Area in Changyang Tujia Autonomous County, 23 female soldiers dressed in militia style costumes raised their right arm solemnly swearing to "obey the leadership of the Communist Party of China, actively participate in national construction, and faithfully fulfill their national defense obligations... ...", attracting the footsteps of tourists, taking pictures of cameras and mobile phones.
On the same day, the Qingjiang Gallery Women's Militia Team and the Militia Group Inspection Meeting were held at the Scenic Visitor Service Center. Ma Shaotie, member of the Standing Committee of the Changyang Tujia Autonomous County Committee and the Political Commissar of the County People's Armed Forces, read the "Reply on the Establishment of the Women's Militia Unit of Hubei Qingjiang Gallery Company" and the "Order of the Women's Militia Division". Wu Huafeng, Minister of the People's Armed Forces, awarded the flag to the women's militia detachment. Subsequently, the women's militia detachment went to the militia training base to conduct training in military subjects such as queues and live ammunition.
It is understood that the newly established Qingjiang Gallery women's militia detachment is the first female militia armed with the scenic spot formed by Hubei Province.
There are 23 women militia units in Qingjiang Gallery. The oldest is 30 years old and the youngest is 18 years old. All of them are composed of scenic staff. Most of them are the backbone of the scenic tour guide. The overall quality and business level are high. In the year, he won the champion of the Yichang City Tour Guide Competition. They usually perform the duties of the tour guides, participate in the concentrated training of the militia, and at the critical moments such as launching the emergency response in the scenic spot, they will not be allowed to take care of the scenic spots.
On the same day, the opening ceremony of the "Women Militia" cruise ship was also held. This large-scale antique sightseeing cruise ship is based on the theme of the red revolutionary culture. The interior of the cabin is equipped with 24 pieces of portraits of the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries and the texts of the glorious deeds and other revolutionary traditional educational texts and materials, becoming a flowing "red pavilion".
Xu Jun, general manager of Hubei Qingjiang Gallery Tourism Development Co., Ltd. said that the establishment of the women's militia detachment in the scenic spot is conducive to better improving the overall quality and service level of the tour guides, and at the same time, to better carry out national defense education for tourists and become a new beautiful landscape in the scenic spot. .
Changyang Established the First Women Militia in Scenic Spots of Hubei Province
On April 28th, the "Women Militia" cruise ship was unveiled.
Changyang Established the First Women Militia in Scenic Spots of Hubei Province
On April 28, the women’s militia detachment was conducting live-fire shooting training.
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