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Provincial Tourism Commissioner Zhang Dahua came to Qingjiang Gallery for research

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2012/12/12 11:27
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On December 29, Zhang Dahua, director of the Provincial Tourism Bureau, led the relevant department to go to Changyang County to conduct tourism development research. Changyang County Party Secretary Ma Shangyun and county magistrate Zhao Jixiong accompanied the investigation and made a report.
On December 29, Zhang Dahua, director of the Provincial Tourism Bureau, led the relevant department to go to Changyang County to conduct tourism development research. Changyang County Party Secretary Ma Shangyun and county magistrate Zhao Jixiong accompanied the investigation and made a report.
The research team has conducted a field survey of the Qingjiang Gallery Tourist Resort, which has just been rated as a national 5A-level scenic spot, and the 30-degree north latitude island. It has watched the premiere of the Tujia creation history poetry and dance drama "Jiangshan Beauty" in Qingjiang Ancient City. On the Qingjiang Gallery cruise, Zhang Dahua and his party held a symposium with the Changyang County Party Committee, the county government, the head of the tourism department of Yichang City and Changyang County, and the head of the Qingjiang Gallery Tourism Company.
The research team walked through the wind and rain corridor
The research team walked through the time and space tunnel and walked through Tujia Fengqing Street.
The research team exchanged ideas with Changyang peasant painter Li Yinlin in the scenic spot.
A symposium was held on the Qingjiang Gallery cruise ship. Changyang County Party Secretary Ma Shangyun reported on Changyang tourism work.
The research team and the leaders of Changyang and the County Tourism Bureau and Qingjiang Gallery accompanied the leaders in front of the Qingjiang Buddha.
Zhang Dahua fully affirmed the changes and achievements in tourism in Changyang County in recent years. He said that tourism in Changyang County has achieved a number of tourists and incomes for eight consecutive years. This year, Qingjiang Gallery successfully established a national 5A scenic spot. It was the work of the Changyang County Party Committee and the county government to concentrate on tourism and the hard work and hard work of Changyang County tourists. The leadership of Changyang County Committee and government leaders has a clear guiding ideology for the development of tourism, focusing on strengths and multi-pronged measures. The measures are effective and effective. The tourism culture brand, the strength of tourism strong county and the image of tourism destinations are being presented. The weight in the weight is increasing. He demanded that Changyang County should take the opportunity of the successful creation of 5A in Qingjiang Gallery and focus on four aspects of work. First, carefully integrate tourism routes, organically combine cultural tourism products such as Qingjiang Ancient City and "Jiangshan Beauty" with Qingjiang Gallery and other natural scenic spots; second, further strengthen tourism infrastructure construction and create a strong county atmosphere; thirdly, strengthen refined management. Continuously improve the quality of tourism; Fourth, increase publicity and marketing efforts to open up a large tourism market.
It is reported that "Jiangshan Beauty" reflects more than 4,000 years ago, the leader of the Cuban king, the monarch, led the tribe of the Western expedition through the hardships of the territory and the touching love story between the salt goddess. The twists and turns of the story, the beautiful music, the gorgeous dance beauty, and the wonderful interpretation of the national outstanding young actors, were fully affirmed by the premiere audience. The show will mainly be performed for tourists, and the game will increase the number of games during the peak season.
Since 2004, Changyang County has regarded tourism as one of the three major industries for county economic development, constantly optimizing the tourism development environment, focusing on building the Baili Qingjiang eco-cultural tourism belt, increasing investment, building brands, and successfully creating Hubei. Provincial tourism strong county. In 2012, the county received more than 3 million domestic and foreign tourists, achieving a total tourism income of 1.8 billion yuan, 4.4 times and 9 times respectively in 2004.
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