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Marketing Center: Jinling is in the door, and the Qingjiang boat is in the air.

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2017/05/20 11:19
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The colorfulness of May brings the passion of summer, and Qingjiang Gallery welcomes the small peaks of the holidays again and again. The Dragon Boat Festival has not arrived yet, and the sunny scenery is just the right moment for a holiday.
The colorfulness of May brings the passion of summer, and Qingjiang Gallery welcomes the small peaks of the holidays again and again. The Dragon Boat Festival has not arrived yet, and the sunny scenery is just the right moment for a holiday.
Marketing Center: Jinling is in the door, and the Qingjiang boat is in the air.
On May 17th, Li Bin and the high-opening marketing center of Qingjiang Gallery went to Anhui Huangshan with full sincerity to participate in the China Outdoor Alliance Launch Ceremony initiated by Perfect International Travel Agency, which covers a certain scale of more than 400 in seven provinces across the country. The legal outdoor club or mountaineering association, and a number of well-known scenic spots, travel agencies for bilateral interaction, cooperation and win-win.
At the launch of the ceremony, the marketing staff of Qingjiang Gallery actively communicated with the provincial clubs and scenic spots. On the current tourism situation, how to form a group development, and how the cooperation between the scenic spots and the alliances to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation was discussed. During the event, the marketing staff introduced Qingjiang Gallery to the participants of the unit. By paying attention to the official WeChat Weibo and the official website, many participants expressed their appreciation for the beauty and current construction of Qingjiang Gallery.
On the second day of the launching ceremony, the “Recommendation of Scenic Spots of China Outdoor Alliance Scenic Spot” organized by the organizer was held in the conference hall of Guomai Hotel. The Qingjiang Gallery scenic spot was merged with representatives of many Yichang scenic spots, and the route was recommended at the conference site. Through this conference, the Alliance will plan to carry out one or two national large-scale events throughout the year; a short-term event for thousands of people will be held every half month to one month; the bidding system will be adopted for the popular long-term tourist areas every year. Sign special team tickets with scenic spots in the country; sign a local reception agreement.
On the third day after the event, on the day of 5.20 full of love, in the early morning, Qingjiang Gallery ushered in the team of Nanjing, Nanjing, Hefei, and the seven giants of Hefei, and opened the door to Jinling, all over the place! I believe that this shiny Changyang business card of Qingjiang Gallery will definitely bloom in Anhui and Jiangsu.
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