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Guide Center: No struggle, no youth

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2017/05/09 11:16
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May is both a Labor Day and a festival for young people. On May 4th, the Youth League Committee of E-Travel Company held the first “Top Ten Outstanding Youth” awarding ceremony and the “May 4th” commendation meeting in the multi-functional conference hall of Jinyu Company. Zhou Rong, the guiding center, won the “Excellent League Member” in 2016.
May is both a Labor Day and a festival for young people. On May 4th, the Youth League Committee of E-Travel Company held the first “Top Ten Outstanding Youth” awarding ceremony and the “May 4th” commendation meeting in the multi-functional conference hall of Jinyu Company. Zhou Rong, the guiding center, won the “Excellent League Member” in 2016.
Zhou Rong, who entered the Qingjiang Gallery in early 2013, was engaged in tour guides. In 4 years, she learned from mature and mature. As a passionate youth and activist, she used her dedication and dedication to her work attitude. Youth, practicing a grassroots instructor's dedication and love for tourism work, played an active and powerful role in the tour guide youth team, let the dream come true in the struggle!
May 1st Labor Day and May Fourth Youth Day, pay tribute to the struggling youth!
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