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Marketing Center: “Yuhu Xiao” Qingjiangjing, Yanmenguan’s famous name

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2017/05/06 11:15
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At the end of April, the Yichang Tourism Committee organized a joint promotion team composed of Yichang's scenic spots and travel agencies to embark on the high-speed rail from Yichang to Zhengzhou and began a one-week promotion tour.
At the end of April, the Yichang Tourism Committee organized a joint promotion team composed of Yichang's scenic spots and travel agencies to embark on the high-speed rail from Yichang to Zhengzhou and began a one-week promotion tour.
Marketing Center: “Yuhu Xiao” Qingjiangjing, Yanmenguan’s famous name
During the trip, large-scale “Love Yichang” tourism promotion conferences were held in Zhengzhou, Shangqiu, Shanxi, Taiyuan and Datong cities in Shanxi, attracting the attention of a large number of local travel agencies and news media. It is packed. Vivid explanations, cultural performances with Tujia characteristics, and the unique beauty of the Three Gorges have been well received by the local tourism bureau and the tourism industry.
“Qingjiang Gallery”, as one of the 5A scenic spots in Yichang, was also invited to participate in this event. The song "Qingjiang Gallery" sung by the scenic spot marketing center and the beautiful scenery of the scenic spot have been well received by everyone.
Through this promotion, the reputation of the scenic spot was passed to more and further places. It is believed that this year, more Henan and Shanxi tourists will come to the scenic spot to play and pass the beautiful scenery of Qingjiang Gallery, so that the name of the scenic spot is outside the Yanmen Pass and is even louder on the vast northwestern land.
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