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Guide Center: Youth Fanghua

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2017/05/06 11:12
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On May 3, in order to commemorate the 98th anniversary of the "May 4th" Movement, the County Youth League Committee organized nearly 300 youth representatives to gather together to recognize the Red Flag Youth League Committee, the Youth League Committee, the outstanding Youth League cadres, and the Communist Youth League members; and watched the 2016 Communist Youth League work back to the short film. . The 11 outstanding youth representatives from all walks of life tell the story of their youth.
On May 3, in order to commemorate the 98th anniversary of the "May 4th" Movement, the County Youth League Committee organized nearly 300 youth representatives to gather together to recognize the Red Flag Youth League Committee, the Youth League Committee, the outstanding Youth League cadres, and the Communist Youth League members; and watched the 2016 Communist Youth League work back to the short film. . The 11 outstanding youth representatives from all walks of life tell the story of their youth.
Guide Center: Youth Fanghua
Li Ni, the guide center, said, "Because of dreams, we only care about the wind and rain", through the sharing of youth stories, shows the team's style. This young team with an average age of only 23 years old is a special red-handed soldier who can fight hard in the scenic spot of Qingjiang Gallery. They are passionate about their hometown tourism career, and they take root in the Qingjiang River with their dreams, and they stand silently like the Gobi. Gesanghua, simple and tenacious; from the green to the mature, the precipitation of time, let them in the hands and feet, show the Tujia style, ushered in the middle, and made the beautiful scenery of hometown; in the ordinary post, Do not forget the initial heart, use the youth to write a beautiful movement of light as the water shines.
Guide Center: Youth Fanghua
In life, they are the heart of the parents, the sky in the child's heart; in the work, they are good employees in the scenic spot, but also the intimate people of the tourists. A microphone, a unique national costume, a dream is the full possession of this team. The 25,000-step itinerary, day after day, more than 500 mountains, year after year, and repeated, one step has not fallen. With group explanations and service to tourists, they always insist that visitors are always the right service concept to patiently explain, smile service and persistence.
In this film, you can see the mountains, you can see the water, remember the place where you live in the homesickness, and only have the ingenuity to build your dreams, serve your heart, and use the emotional people to help your hometown develop the tourism industry. Let visitors really feel that this is not the case. A trip that says to go, but a love that doesn't want to go when you come.
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