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2016/09/18 10:40
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On the morning of September 12, General Manager Xu Jun hosted a special office meeting of the marketing center in the conference room on the third floor. All the staff of the marketing center attended the meeting.
On the morning of September 12, General Manager Xu Jun hosted a special office meeting of the marketing center in the conference room on the third floor. All the staff of the marketing center attended the meeting.
At the meeting, marketing center manager Chen Jinhua reported on the company's operations from January to August. Under the grim situation of the weather and the low price dumping of the surrounding scenic spots this year, there is a certain gap between the sales target of the company in the previous stage and the plan target at the beginning of the year. In view of the current severe situation, the marketing center has clearly formulated the next work plan and actively carried out various work plans. Marketing work in various markets in the region, striving to find new growth points, turning this year's off-season market into a peak season market, and striving to complete the company's full-year target.
After listening to the report, Mr. Xu analyzed the current situation of the marketing situation and the completion of the target. She pointed out that the marketing work of Qingjiang Gallery must work from many aspects, insist on the launch of the “Qingjiang Gallery+” concept product, and continuously increase the income of the travel agency. A variety of channels work together to achieve the full year goal. At the same time, it puts forward relevant requirements for the propaganda work of the scenic spot. First, it is necessary to strengthen the awareness of new media propaganda. All members of the marketing center should exert their imagination, continuously learn and improve, grasp the psychological and real-time hotspots of tourists, and increase the influence and coverage of the WeChat public account; The second is to pre-heat the large-scale activities in the scenic spot and publicize from multiple angles.
All the staff of the marketing center will continuously improve themselves, keep up with the company's thoughts and footsteps, and go all out to complete each of the next tasks and challenges, bringing greater income and benefits to the company.
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