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Ticketing Center: Do your best to make up the ticket

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2016/09/18 10:39
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In order to purify the tourism market, effectively crack down on the behavior of agricultural vessels, evade votes, and block the loopholes in the ticket replenishment. According to the arrangement of the company, the ticketing center will station personnel to the Wuluo Zhongli Mountain to carry out the ticket reissue work on August 31.
In order to purify the tourism market, effectively crack down on the behavior of agricultural vessels, evade votes, and block the loopholes in the ticket replenishment. According to the arrangement of the company, the ticketing center will station personnel to the Wuluo Zhongli Mountain to carry out the ticket reissue work on August 31.
The ticketing center overcomes the difficulty of having fewer staff in the department and the task of selling tickets. On the second day after receiving the task, the person in charge of the department takes the lead to make up the ticket and implements the rotating ticket system in the department. In Zhonglishan, because the agricultural ship docked at the dock, the ticket-filling personnel must flow the ticket, and the ticket-receiving staff will go there. In the process of intercepting passengers, the ticket-repairing personnel must preach the company's policies to the agricultural shipowners, safeguard the company's interests, and pay attention to the working methods and methods to avoid intensification of conflicts. The staff on duty of the replacement ticket will do a good job in registering the number of agricultural boat visitors and the number of people filling the ticket every day, and do a good job of filling the ticket to lay the foundation for the next stage of the ticket replacement work.
As of September 14, the ticketing center has nearly 4,000 yuan in the ticket to Wuluozhongli.
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