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Guide Center: Ingenious, Dream Gallery

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2016/09/14 10:37
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On the morning of September 9th, the E-Brigade held a speech contest on the second floor of the Lijiang Hotel in Wuhan to promote the spirit of craftsmen and compete as a post. 15 units from E-British entered the final. Jiang Yunfang, the leader of the Guiding Center, participated in the competition on behalf of Qingjiang Gallery and entered the finals. He won the first place in the speech contest of E-Travel Company.
On the morning of September 9th, the E-Brigade held a speech contest on the second floor of the Lijiang Hotel in Wuhan to promote the spirit of craftsmen and compete as a post. 15 units from E-British entered the final. Jiang Yunfang, the leader of the Guiding Center, participated in the competition on behalf of Qingjiang Gallery and entered the finals. He won the first place in the speech contest of E-Travel Company.
Guide Center: Ingenious, Dream Gallery
The sisters of the Guiding Center have many people who have loved them because of their love. They have returned to their hometown of Changyang after graduation from school. They have built their own travel dreams and happiness in this beautiful and familiar land. dream……
For the 70s and 80s, feelings are the best interpretation of the craftsman spirit; for the post-90s and 00s, to be a craftsman, seriously treat life and work. Experience makes every young man with a dream gradually understand that he likes a job, starting with love, being stuck with persistence, being devoted to dedication, and always having a firm belief and excellence. It is possible to become a leader in the industry.
In the work of “100-day attack, rectification and excellence”, it is even more necessary to promote the spirit of craftsmanship. Each person takes the work he is doing and his position as the basic practice platform, and rigorously concentrates on ordinary work and strives for excellence in his work. It has a unique "ingenuity" and fulfills its duties. It is true that we can do a line of love and a line of one line, and we can grow together with the company. Let us work together to not forget the original heart, play the spirit of craftsmanship, and practice the dream of travel!
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