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The Department of Cruises: Deeply absorb the lessons of the accident, conduct solid investigations of hidden dangers

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2016/08/18 18:16
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On August 13, Yan Xiaoyun, the director of the County Local Maritime Safety Administration, and He Yongping, deputy director of the county, led the staff of the Aviation Management Unit to the morning cruise meeting of the scenic boat department of the scenic spot. Fan Bin, manager of the company's security management department, and all the staff of the cruise department attended the meeting. .
On August 13, Yan Xiaoyun, the director of the County Local Maritime Safety Administration, and He Yongping, deputy director of the county, led the staff of the Aviation Management Unit to the morning cruise meeting of the scenic boat department of the scenic spot. Fan Bin, manager of the company's security management department, and all the staff of the cruise department attended the meeting. .
At the meeting, the “8·11” high-pressure steam pipe bursting accident of Yangmadian Lanshi Power Generation Co., Ltd. was reported, and the spirit of the emergency deployment safety work meeting held by the county party committee and county government on August 12 was conveyed.
In order to conscientiously implement the important instructions and spirit of the county party committee, the government and the higher authorities, and deeply absorb the painful lessons of the "8·11" accident in Dangyang, combined with the actual situation of the Qingjiang Gallery scenic spot, Comrade Yan Xiaoyun gave a lecture on the work of water safety in the scenic spot. Point of view: First, the company must carefully organize the spirit of all crew members to learn the documents and profoundly absorb the lessons of the accident; second, we must profoundly understand the current grim situation of safe production and always tighten the string of safe production. Third, we must conscientiously implement the main responsibility of the enterprise and comprehensively carry out Ships should be seriously inspected, and the problems should be seriously implemented. The hidden dangers should be eliminated in a timely manner. The system should be firmly established. The hidden dangers are accidents, the hidden dangers are around, and the danger is in front of the eyes. Resolutely overcome the paralyzed thoughts and lax emotions; the fourth is to act immediately and carry out security inspections.
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