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2018-03-30 13:13:00
Chen Huazhi, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and deputy general manager, visited Qingjiang Gallery for investigation
On March 29, Chen Huazhi, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee and deputy general manager of HBCT as well as Zhao Jixiong.
2018-04-01 01:39:00
Leaders of Changyang County work at the site of Qingjiang Gallery
On March 30, a special meeting on the comprehensive harnessing of the Reflection Gorge and the Wuluozhongli Mountain was held in Qingjiang Gallery by relevant county organization leaders under the lea
2019-01-14 13:35:00
Hold a sales skills training and exchange meeting
 In order to further improve the service awareness and sales competence of employees in the department.
2019-01-25 11:59:00
Reach another milestone by upholding the original intention
January25,2019  OnJanuary25,HeQingling,thedepartmentalmanager,heldthesummarymeetingofTourGuideCenterof2018,inwhichLiTianjun,theheadofthesuperiordivision,attended.  Duringthemeeting,HeQinglingsummarize
2019-04-04 11:55:00
Hold the regular meeting of April
Farewell to March and here comes the most poetic April pampering our life with beautiful views.
2019-05-15 11:48:00
Ticket Vending Machine, which is fast and convenient
 On May 11, sunny, it was a bright day for outing. In the Ticket Center of Qingjiang Gallery, we saw a long line in front of a row of TVMs.
2019-01-14 11:25:00
The Product Development Department held a sales skill training exchange meeting
In order to further improve the service awareness and sales level of department staff, on January 10, the Commodity Development Department held a sales skill training exchange meeting in the conference room on the second floor of the Visitor Center. All employees of the Commodity Development Department and the Guiding Center participated in the meeting. The meeting invited the Wushan Ninghe Trading Company's two-dam one-gorge cruise gold sales team.
2017-07-16 11:21:00
Guiding Center held a semi-annual work summary meeting
At 17:30 on the afternoon of July 15th, He Qingling, the person in charge of the Guiding Center, hosted a half-year work summary meeting in the wisdom hall. Li Tianjun, the leader in charge, attended the meeting.
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