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Qingjiang Gallery's 2018 operating income exceeded 60 million mark

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2018/12/27 01:44
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Since 2018, under the correct leadership of the Group Headquarters and the Changyang County Party Committee and the county government, Qingjiang Gallery has been affected by the continuous rainfall in March and April and the price reduction of A-level scenic spots required by the State Price Bureau. Through strengthening marketing and strengthening internal management, all employees have worked together to maintain the contradictory trend of business performance. The income exceeded 60 million yuan, successfully completed the annual business objectives and tasks, and won the “Yichang City Safe Consumption Creation Demonstration Site”. "And Hubei famous brand" title.

Since 2018, under the correct leadership of the Group Headquarters and the Changyang County Party Committee and the county government, Qingjiang Gallery has been affected by the continuous rainfall in March and April and the price reduction of A-level scenic spots required by the State Price Bureau. Through strengthening marketing and strengthening internal management, all employees have worked together to maintain the contradictory trend of business performance. The income exceeded 60 million yuan, successfully completed the annual business objectives and tasks, and won the “Yichang City Safe Consumption Creation Demonstration Site”. "And Hubei famous brand" title.

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