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Expanding the supervision perspective, conducting research and negotiation, promoting the company's high quality development

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2018/12/20 01:42
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According to the overall work arrangement of the Group Commission for Discipline Inspection and the company's party committee, Qingjiang Gallery Company's Disciplinary Committee made full use of the off-season of tourism and organized research and activities in the past week (December 3 to 7) to further expand the supervision perspective and provide high-quality development for the company. Escort.
According to the overall work arrangement of the Group Commission for Discipline Inspection and the company's party committee, Qingjiang Gallery Company's Disciplinary Committee made full use of the off-season of tourism and organized research and activities in the past week (December 3 to 7) to further expand the supervision perspective and provide high-quality development for the company. Escort.
Expanding the supervision perspective

Expanding the supervision perspective
The investigation and discussion activities were organized by the party committee member, the disciplinary committee secretary Ding Zhangxiong, the discipline inspection specialist Bu Chunxi, and the second branch discipline inspection committee member He Qingling. There are six levels of research and discussion, namely, the secretary of each branch, the members of the branch committee, the members of this year's party, the targets of development, the activists who joined the party, and nearly 30 people. Investigate and talk about the combination of individual and concentration, which encourages everyone to tell the truth, tell the truth, and eliminate everyone's concerns and tensions. The theme of research and discussion is closely related to the study and implementation of the "Regulations on Disciplinary Measures of the Communist Party of China", branch construction, party member development, style construction, operation management, project promotion, and corporate culture.
At present, the investigation and negotiation activities have basically ended. A total of 7 opinions of employees were collected, and 9 related recommendations were submitted to the company's party committee. The company's Disciplinary Committee will pay more attention to the rectification of relevant issues.
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